Work Anniversaries Q4

Q4 Work Anniversaries

Milestone Work Anniversaries


Anabel Arrizon  – 5 Years

“My favorite part of working at Bayview is the opportunity Bayview gives to constantly learn and grow. I’m exposed to new challenges, which has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I enjoy the collaborative environment here in the office because working with talented and supportive coworkers makes each day more enjoyable.”

Jose Gomez – 5 Years

“My favorite part about working at Bayview are my coworkers and the stress-free work environment.”

Jose Torres – 1 year

“During my first year with the Bayview team, I learned many things thanks to the support of all my teammates.

I hope to continue working as a team.”

Peter Warren – 15 Years

“My favorite part about working for Bayview is the growth that I have been a part of over the time I have spent here. The mentorship I have received in the past, and the experience I am now able to share with our newer ESOP members in every department, makes me excited about coming to work every day.”


Other Employee Anniversaries

Jorge Navarro – 4 Years

Tony Legault – 23 Years

Christopher Juse – 4 Years

Enrique Velazquez – 12 Years

Jesse Velasco – 27 years

Cecilia Mitka – 3 years

Ana Pena – 4 Years

Ruben Rios – 19 Years