UCON Crab Feed

Crab Feed

I would like to share my experience from this year’s crab feed event. The event was sponsored by UCON. The crab feed was held at the Marriot in San Ramon. United Contractors (UCON) is California’s premier construction trade association representing heavy civil engineering contractors across the state. UCON is a member-driven organization that protects, educates and empowers California’s union contractors with labor relations and political advocacy, HR support, safety & regulatory services, professional & leadership development, and industry networking.

The event was attended mostly by our sales team. We use these types of events to connect with people and other companies in our industry. In addition, we also use these times to connect with one another outside the office space. I had the opportunity to hang out with some of our younger sales guys and took the time to get to know them. From what I gathered we have some bright and enthusiastic young men joining the team.

The event itself was fun and entertaining. Before the event got started there was an open bar and delicious snacks that were available for us to enjoy. There were also some games that were set up like cornhole and Jenga. We chose to play cornhole and it was a competitive from the start. Once the food was ready, we all went inside to the dining hall and sat down at our designated tables and the event proceeded to start. There were plenty of jokes told and awards given out that night. Overall, the crab was good, the people were cool and the mission to meet and connect with people was accomplished.


-Ruben Rios Jr.

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