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  • Bayview Demolition
  • Bayview Environmental
Plaza Theater
Palm Springs
Project Summary

This project was the Rehabilitation of the Historical Plaza Theater in Palm Springs. BDS is performing the Soft Demolition of select interior finishes including all of the theater seating and the Hard Demolition of the entire concrete slab in the Auditorium. BES is performing the abatement of the asbestos containing plaster on the side walls and ceiling of the auditorium. We have installed multiple levels of protection of the historical elements with poly for dust control and fire rated plywood to prevent any damage. This project is going to grow by an estimated 50% in additional work due to a P5 contaminated workspace in the attic from improper previous renovations that impacted the asbestos containing plaster ceiling and air cell ducting insulation.

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  • Superintendent Jose Torres
  • Foreman Daniel Fraga
  • Bayview Demolition
SAC Health
San Bernardino
Project Summary

This is Bayview’s first demolition project with BNBuilders in Southern California. The demo scope was to fully gut the east ½ of a 5-story building that was previously a call center to allow a new medical center to be built. We had a peak crew of 38 and an average crew of over 30 working on multiple floors to meet the aggressive schedule. The unique part of this project was the 12,000+ Concrete Filled IT Floor Tiles that we removed, weighing over 40lbs each from floors 2-5. On the first floor we sawcut for new Plumbing lines and created shafts in the concrete filled pan deck from the roof through each floor. The abatement scope of work was to remove 34 Mirrors that were adhered with Black Mastic. Due to this project being a design-build, we currently have a crew of 15 performing T&M on multiple floors. This week we finished our contract work for floors 1-5 with only the roof scope remaining once the weather clears up.

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  • Superintendent Patrick Marmaud
  • Foreman Andres Fernandez
  • Foreman Brianda Gutierrez
  • Foreman Emmanuel Torres
  • Foreman Ivan Rojas
  • Foreman Victor Macias
  • Foreman David Delgado
  • Foreman Ruben Alcocer
  • Foreman Rigoberto Flores
  • Foreman Steven Camberos
  • Foreman Alan Perez
  • Bayview Industrial
USCGC Waesche
Mare Island
Project Summary

Bayview Services, Inc. Subdivision Bayview Industrials Services, Inc. (BIS) was selected to perform maintenance and repair tasks aboard the USCGC Waesche during  dry-dock service for the ships critical systems including fueling systems, sanitary systems and hull inspections. The project required working closely with the Project Management at MIDD and interfacing with USCG personnel and Port Engineers.  In addition to the primary tank systems, BIS is also executed eight change orders for short notice items that were critical in the execution of the service period.  The services rendered by BIS compliment the MIDD drydock capabilities which make it an international ship repair and re-fit location critical to the United States Coast Guard, United States Navy, State operated ships and private vessels.


The contract for this operation was executed in approximately five months.  This and other projects at MIDD have made this a good client for the BIS ship service program which reflects the hard work put in by the BIS Operations and Administrative staffs.

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  • Superintendent Jaime Cerna
  • Foreman Jose Chavarria
  • Bayview Demolition
  • Bayview Environmental
Moffett Hangar
Moffett Field
Project Summary

After 7 years of working with budgets, Bayview Environmental Services was finally awarded the pre-demolition hazardous materials abatement on the 300,000 SF former NASA Hangar 3 Structure at Moffett Airfield in Mountain View, CA. The scope of work consisted of remediation various asbestos containing materials, peeling lead containing paints, universal waste, and miscellaneous hazardous materials oils, chemical, freon etc.

One of the biggest challenges in this job was removing asbestos containing exterior panels from 150’ high walls utilizing manlifts. The project was completed within the budget and 3 weeks ahead of schedule thanks to our crews for their hard work.

Also, Big thanks to the operations, safety team, BIS, and everyone who participated on this job, helping with the pre-abatement plans and safety documents, making this project a success!

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  • Superintendent Eriberto Ledesma
  • Foreman Rafael Gama
  • Foreman Roberto Flores
  • Foreman Francisco Perez
  • Foreman Fernando Ibanez
  • Foreman Bella Acevedo
  • Foreman Rafael Ventura
  • Foreman Benigno Zavala
  • Foreman Jesus Espinoza