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Bayview Environmental Services, Inc. was awarded the asbestos abatement project at the San Mateo County Hospital for the remediation of the hazardous materials (asbestos & lead paint) prior to the demolition. The scope of work included the abatement of the 1954 building which was a 3-story hospital building and a 3-story medical office building adjacent to the hospital which was the Health Service Building (HSB). Bayview competitively bid the project to Truebeck Construction in January of 2021 and Bayview was awarded the project, however the project was delayed for almost two years as the new hospital was being built and the abatement scope was not started until August of 2023.

The abatement included the removal and disposal of asbestos containing and lead containing materials; floor tile, mastic, drywall and plaster wall and ceiling surfaces. The scope included a concrete leveling compound which was discovered on all 3 floors of the 1954 building. Also, the entire exterior of the 1954 building had an asbestos paint or coating. Scaffolding was installed around the entire exterior of the 1954 building by Bayview’s sub-contractor Brandsafway and Bayview installed a shrink wrap containment supported by the scaffold. The exterior coating was removed using grinders with a HEPA vacuum attachment to capture the dust.

The HSB building also contained asbestos flooring and drywall wall and ceiling materials as well as the exterior had an asbestos stucco which had to be removed from the entire exterior. Again, the building was contained with scaffolding and shrink wrap and the stucco was pulled off and placed into 40-yard waste containers for disposal as an asbestos waste material.

Window caulking was also a part of the scope of work on both buildings.

The Bayview superintendent Jesus Delgado and the project foreman Jose Salis completed the project without incident.

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