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The project at 401 Parnassus Ave. involves the phased abatement and soft demolition of a 5-story medical office building, Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute (LPPI), located at the main UCSF medical center campus. The building will eventually be completely demolished, and a new hospital will be constructed in its place. The initial phase of work involved the abatement of exterior support buildings outside LPPI prior to demolition by Ferma (completed Summer 2022), creating space for a laydown area. Bayview is currently working on Phase 1 scope inside LPPI which includes building containments and removing wall, floor, and ceiling finishes, while the building is partially occupied by patients and staff. Phase 2 will begin around May of 2023 and will involve abatement and soft demolition of all remaining areas of the building not accessible during Phase 1.

The crew is doing a great job on Phase 1, working through the challenges of performing abatement and demo in an occupied medical building. The crew has been flexible with working hours in order to limit the impact on building staff and patients. Thanks go out to the Bayview team for their support on the project thus far. The team includes Estimator, Martin Ledesma; Superintendent, Erick Ledesma; General Foreman, Rafa Gama; Foreman, Felipe Ceja; Foreman, Fernando Ibanez; Safety Manager, Abraham Parra; Site-Safety Representative, Edgar Ledesma; and the entire crew of hard-working men and women. There is still a long way to go on this project, but recognition is deserved for the field team who continue to work safely and productively in a challenging environment.

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