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Bayview Environmental Services, Inc. was awarded the project at Building D2P4 for the demolition of the space at the Intel Santa Clara facility for a new Data Center. The scope of the base contract included removing the raised computer floor system including the below floor fire sprinkler systems and removing the vinyl sheet flooring which was beneath the raised floor.

The change orders included the removal of all the rooftop AHU’s and removal of all the associated duct work and exhaust risers that served the air handling units. All the duct work penetrating the roof into the data center had to be removed and capped off so that the roof of the data center could be closed up. Additional change orders were added for the demolition of the RTO system (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) located outside adjacent to the D2 building. The RTO duct work was found to contain high levels of zinc which is highly flammable and reacts explosively when a zinc fire is hit with water. The contaminated ducts and the heat exchanger tanks all had to be cleaned out so that all the zinc residue was removed prior to the demolition team completing the demolition scope.

The project was a combination project performed with Environmental and Demolition teams working in sequence to remove the necessary items scheduled for demolition.

Josue Torres was the superintendent assigned to this project along with Anthony and Jose Navarro who oversaw the clean demolition scope. Jamie Nuno was the foreman that oversaw the hazardous scope to remove the zinc from the RTO system.

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