In the company newsletter of April 2018, on page seven, we feature an article titled “Moving on Down to L.A,” which discusses the company’s focus on diversifying into the Southern California marketplace.

Here’s how the article sets the stage:

Since its beginnings in 1993 Bayview Environmental Services, Inc. has focused on providing the best Environmental Remediation and Abatement Services possible through practicing, and improving, industry standards. This drive for excellence fueled Bayview’s ascension within the industry; it was just the beginning, though, and expansion continued with the acquisition of two additional companies. The implementation of ESOP was the next stepping stone, combining the future of the company and employees and giving us the tools to be our own agents of growth, leading us all to this: the time for expansion has begun again.

This full article, and client appreciation quotes, can be viewed in their entirety by reading the newsletter at the link below.

April 2018 Bayview Newsletter (Download PDF – 6MB)