New ESOP Members
Edgar Ledesma, SoCal
Senior Foreman

My journey has been humbling being with the company since 2013. Working at Sears, Google, Kaiser Hayward, St. Luke’s Hospital, Pier 70, and currently SONGS in Southern California has helped me grow as an employee as well as an individual. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with great people along the way. I’ve been heavily influenced by the work ethic of my coworkers and have acquired an extensive amount of knowledge while being in the field with them. Being in the ESOP program makes me feel excited about my future at Bayview. When it’s time to hang up my respirator I will know that my contributions to the company will be recognized in such a tremendous way.

Herbert Clark, SoCal

After reading the companies ESOP plan, This is what it means to me, I will need to be vested before I can get benefits in which, I can receive a total of 6 years to get 100% what the companies earned for that year, if I left before then I would only be compensated a percentage after my second year, 20% and it would go up every year thereafter.3rd yr.40%, 4th yr.60%, 5th yr.80%, and finally the 6th. Yr. in which, I will be 100% vested and receiving an equal share with the rest of the company’s stockholders that are still with us.

Vivienne Y. Nishimura, NorCal
Estimator | Project Manager

I am excited to be a part of Bayview and the ESOP program! I enjoy working on a team and it’s a good feeling to know that we are all working towards a common goal. By contributing as an individual, team member and stakeholder, we get to share the results of our efforts. It also shows how much the original owners care about continuing the legacy of their work to create this company by giving us a voice and leadership in Bayview!

Rene Ramos, NorCal
Rene Ramos, NorCal

The ESOP sounds really good. I am excited about belonging to it because other companies do not put their focus on their employees. The opportunities that will present to me will help me better myself and also the company.

Noe Orozco
Senior Foreman

First of all I am excited to be part of this excellent retirement plan. It is a great opportunity, and the best of it all is that my whole family will be able to benefit from once I retire. My co-workers have spoke excellent things about the ESOP. It is a great motivation for all of its employees including myself. Thank you for the opportunity.